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Participating is more than voting - Press Release

Oct. 14: Artistic street demonstration in support of direct and participatory democracy


Artistic street demonstration in support
of direct and participatory democracy

Oct. 14 in Quilmes
Oct. 15 in the Obelisco
Oct. 19 in Plaza de Mayo
(Street theater play directed by Vicente Zito Lema[1] y Alan Robinson[2])

October 15 - Outraged's World Demonstration

The Spanish "outraged" have lighted the fuse of a world protest that will take place on October 15, with its epicenter in Spain and joined by around 400 demonstrations in over 45 countries worldwide. From the USA to Morocco, from Latin America to Europe, thousands of protesters will mobilise under the slogan "For a global change". Argentina will also have its part in the framework of this demonstration.

"Outraged" in a democratic Argentina

Two big reasons have encouraged us to carry out these political-cultural activities. Firstly, the upcoming presidential elections, which are an important event for the Argentinian society. Secondly, the "outraged's" demonstrations worldwide. A large number of social, political and cultural organizations have decided to declare ourselves with regard to the existing contrast between the limits of representative democracy, on the one hand, and the huge -increasingly bigger- vocation of the citizenship to take part in the country's decisive processes, on the other hand.

Artistic street demonstration and intervention

Our organizations are structured on the base of assembly decision-making practices in the local and cultural constructions we develop in the various places we are seated in. Therefore, we have decided to declare ourselves in support of a Direct and Participatory Democracy to be practiced in increasingly greater levels. And we wanted to do it in a creative way, with street artistic interventions (dance, play, theater, parody, etc.) in the country's main squares, because they have proved to be the People's Parliament every time the institutional channers failed to keep them in check.

  • On Friday, October 14 we gather in Quilmes' Plaza San Martín, at 4 PM, to carry out the "Participatory kermesse"
  • On Saturday, October 15 we will be in the Obelisco at 2 PM, once again carrying out the "Participatory kermesse", and at 4 PM the street theater play "Participating is more than voting", directed by Vicente Zito Lema and Alan Robinson... ¡and a hundred actors on stage!
  • On Wednesday, October 19, in Plaza de Mayo, at 2 PM with the "Participatory kermesse", and at 4:30 PM with the play "Participar es más que votar", directed by Vicente Zito Lema and Alan Robinson.

"This" democracy doesn't fit us

Representative democracy limits our ability for solving real problems: Poverty continues to be an issue of millions; precarious work keeps growing and inflation eats up our salaries; the plundering of natural resources and the destruction of the environment don't stop. Governments follow one another and problems continue. Why should we resign ourselves to vote every four years? Why let governors decide and govern without the people? Why accept a government system where governors decide without the people? We want another democracy, one overcoming this limited democracy unable to solve the increasing misery, that strips us of our natural wealths, takes from us the fundamental rights of every worker and leaves us without the chance of a house of our own.

Popular Assemblies

It's not about a simple protest with smart critcism but no transformative proposals. We know what we want. A true democracy can not exist without popular assemblys. Governors or representatives shall be but delegates following the people's decisions, subject to accounting for their performance, or just likely to be replaced if they fail to do it properly.

Repudiation of Article 22 of the National Constitution

The campaign includes the rejection to Article 22 of the National Constitution, which expressly bans popular participation in governments decisions. It states clearly: "The people shall neither deliberate nor govern unless by means of their representatives". As grassroots organizations, we believe that politics can be done "from the bottom to the top" for it's the only way to find real solutions to people's problems, and after all, to make of this democracy a People's Government. The article should state: "Governors or representatives shall neither deliberate nor govern unless by following the people's mandate".


Corriente de Organizaciones de Base (COB) La Brecha
Pañuelos en Rebeldía
Autodeterminación y Libertad
Colectivo Desde el Pie (Cs. Exactas UBA)
Basta, nada es casual
Agrupación Roberto Santoro (EMBA)
Agrupación Universitaria Inconsciente Colectivo
Sala Alberdi
Frente de Artistas Populares (FAP)



Leandro Pintos: 15 55847657
Marianela Navarro: 15 55847642
Luis Zamora: 15 56646104
Martin Mosquera: 15 63303842

[1] Vicente Zito Lema has worked as a journalist in Clarin, el Cronista Comercial and La Opinión. In the 70's he worked together with Julio Cortazar and Rodolfo Walsh in Nuevo Hombre magazine, and with Eduardo Galeano and Haroldo Conti in Crisis magazine. He was part of the Comisión Argentina por los Derechos Humanos (CADHU) together with Julio Cortázar and David Viñas in exile. He has written a large number of plays, essays and poetry books.

[2] Alan Robinson has directed and written a large number of plays. He works as a teacher.

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